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Stylish and Efficient Commercial Flooring For Your Business

Polished Concrete Floors

Small business owners and large corporations may have a different perspective on employee relations, health benefits, coaching opportunities, and growth potential, but they do have at least two things in common. Both want to be financially responsible and create an impressive atmosphere for customers, visitors, and employees. The most effective way to create a welcoming atmosphere is to ensure the office area is clean, tidy, and free of debris or safety hazards.

Floors, glass surfaces, and doors are the most commonly inspected and high traffic areas that gather dust, dirt, and grime. Regular cleaning and disinfecting is required to keep the area free from germs. Most visitors notice the floor when they enter an area for the first time and are put off by dirty laminate, frayed carpet, torn mats, or dingy concrete. Business owners should choose the best flooring option for their purpose and then ensure that it is well maintained.

Polished Concrete Floors

Everything from machine shops to warehouses can benefit from concrete floors because they require very little maintenance and are cost effective to install. There is minimal labor effort required since concrete polishing can be done by quite efficient machines within a matter of minutes. This type of flooring is the preferred style for grocery store chains, retail outlets, and large warehouse clubs that offer a variety of different products and services. Polished concrete floors are pleasing to the eye and very resistant to chipping or scratches from forklifts and wooden pallets. Despite the dullness that comes with daily traffic, a quick once over with a concrete polishing tool brings the original shine back.

Durable Carpet Tiles

Most office spaces use dark or neutral colored carpet tiles throughout their business. This flooring option is cost effective and comes in a number of different styles, patterns, and thicknesses. Tiles are more economical and efficient that rolled carpeting because a few tiles can be replaced if they experience excessively worn, frayed, or stained. Daycare centers and gymnasiums that typically used rubber flooring are now opting for a composite of carpet with additional padding that basically feels like floating rubber but has the softness and comfort of carpet. There are many different options depending on user preference and the ultimate use of space.