Crown Attempts to Revive Betfair in $10 Million Deal


James Packer of Crown Resorts has announced that he is attempting to revive Australian gambling company Betfair by taking over the business. Crown Resorts already owned half of Betfair Australia, but has now purchased the other 50% for the sum of approximately $10 million.

Betfair Struggling

Crown Resorts and Betfair have been a joint venture since 2004, but in Australia’s highly competitive gambling sector Betfair has failed to become profitable despite enticements such as free bookie bets. The thriving free bets Australia market did not prevent Betfair Australia from losing nearly two million dollars in the second half of last year. Figures released by the Australia Securities and Investment Commission suggest that over the past seven years, Betfair has lost nearly $50 million dollars.

Recovery Plan

As Betfair’s British partner, Crown Resorts will provide the technological and other services necessary for Betfair Australiasia to modernize their operation. No layoffs have been announced so far, and Betfair management will maintain its operational independence at least initially. The pooled resources of both companies should be especially helpful to Betfair, with free bookie bets and other forms of free bets Australia promotions likely to continue. Betfair should also be helped by its strong presence locally and the fast growth in the Australian gambling market’s online sector.


While Crown Resorts has not been explicit in outlining its new promotions and survival strategy for Betfair, some analysts suggest that Crown will try to broaden the range of gaming products Betfair offers to include online casino games such as bingo and poker. Betfair, which was originally started as a British company in 2000, has been known for its innovative betting exchange model which involves the ability to bet on both the chances of whether a horse or team will win, and also on whether or not it will lose. Yet, this two-sided feature has not been as popular as hoped.

Expanded Control

The new corporate arrangement will give Crown Resorts total control over the licensing company Betfair used. The deal also resulted in a surge for Crown on the stock market. However, that increase was still insufficient to bring Crown stock up to where it was a year ago. The Crown/Betfair deal is in some ways typical of the continuing consolidation of players in the online betting field. There have been a wave of new entrants into the Australian online betting market, with over #13 billion in new investors participating in just the past five years.

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Getting a Coach to Breakthrough in Business

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Having a business can be a tough life when you consider all of the marketing and advertising you have to do to succeed. Without guidance or help, you could be missing out on making better choices for the business. Do you feel like you’ve reached your limit? Feel like your business needs some improvement online and you don’t know how to further your business? Getting a professional to help coach you (like the folks at EPR) is a great way to get training and see what you can do to further maximize profits.

Grab An Executive Career Consultant

When you have a career consultant providing you with guidance, they’ll help you further your brand and business and help you to successfully grow any part of your business you need help with. What is it about your business that is lacking? Do you lack better marketing? Do you lack in the customer service area? What about creating effective business plans that you can follow for bigger profits? Whatever your goals are, an executive career consultant can jump deep into your business and see what it needs to flourish again. Career consultants are really helpful on setting a plan to follow.

What Do Career Coaches Do?

They begin by asking you what your goals are and what you’re currently doing to achieve those goals. They also want to see the work you’re willing to put in so they work you at your fullest potential. Their coaching will catapult you to taking effective action for your business. Everything from encouragement to mapping out a plan is what they’ll do for you. Getting coaching is going to help you see what steps you must take for growth. If you don’t take those steps, you’ll miss out more opportunities.

Benefits of Business Coaching and Training

The main benefit is that you won’t have to go at it alone. You’re not second guessing what you’re doing. All you have to do is follow your coach to see what input he or she has given you. Coaches usually don’t know what you need unless you let them know of any place in your business you are lacking, whether that is your finances or wrong marketing tactics. They can help you see what it is you have to do for growth.

Having a business can involve a big upfront investment to get it started, but the hardest part is not knowing what you can do. A professional business trainer is going to plan out a development plan for your brand with every trick in the book for your success. All you have to do is put in the work, seek their advice every once in awhile, and you’ll grow in your business and earn more money.

How to Throw an Awesome Corporate Event


Corporate Event

Hosting corporate events, whether on a regular basis or as a special promotion, help to bring your business up to the next level. Employees are often able to socialize in a manner that’s a bit more casual than the work environment, and your company has the opportunity to reach out to a new audience. However, establishing the type of event is the first step in the process.

Define the Goals
Corporate events range in purpose and style. Some companies throw them as a celebration for all that has been achieved in recent years while others host events to network with interested buyers in the field. Hosting a truly powerful event means that you need to define goals and have a purpose. This purpose could be to showcase new promotional models, to display goods to a specific subset or clientele or to allow employees from different departments to share ideas in a casual setting.
Prepare Visual Effects
Whether you want your employees to talk about a new idea for the business or you want prospective buyers to see promotional models, craft visual effects to decorate the space where the event will take place. These models should inform individuals about the benefits of services, the goals for the following year or the steps to take to teach those goals. Additionally, these visual effects help to reinforce the main focus of the event and to keep everyone up-to-date and well-informed on where you see the business going in the near future.
Food, Drinks and Entertainment 
While this element might seem unimportant to certain types of events, ensuring that guests have enough food and beverages will help to keep them at the event. Conversations can wane, and people can grow tired at reviewing the same elements of any one project or company feature. However, when a tantalizing new appetizer or beverage is slated to come out in just a little while, you can convince them to stay. Furthermore, having some entertainment, whether it is music throughout or a comedian during the middle of the day, helps to keep individuals interested in the event.Party
When your guests or your employees leave the event, you want to ensure that they don’t forgot about it. Provide promotional products to individuals or entities that might be interested in working with your company or buying items from it. For your employees, leave them with a little token of appreciation that lets them know that without their hard work and dedication to the company, such an event would not be possible.Some of the event elements will depend upon what type of event you are throwing, but these are some guidelines that will help you no matter what it is. if you’re looking to add a bit of pizzazz to your Brisbane event, why not hire the girls from Covergirl Promotional Models? Just look at what the Red Bull girls have done for events across Australia.

A Guide to Liquor Licensing in Western Australia


Owning and operating a licensed venue that offers different types of liquor requires a certain consideration that will comply with the law of Western Australia regarding liqueurs. The legitimate owner, licensee or occupier of the venue, must send their applications to the Director of Liquor Licensing to obtain a license to distribute and serve liquor.

The Different types of Licensing in Western Australia

The liquor license in Western Australia has eleven categorical divisions due to the variation of hours permitted to trade and their manner of selling and supplying liquor to the community. A liquor license is also issued in special facilities in a specific period provided that the personnel have obtained training in RMLV course and obtained an RMLV certificate. A liquor license can be issued for a tavern, small bar, hotel, hotel restricted, casino, nightclub, liquor store, restaurant, club, club restricted and other hospitality facilities.

The process of obtaining a license

The first thing that you need to do is to consider the kind of business or venue you have so that you can apply for that specific license.

Second, you need to obtain an RMLV certificate because that will be required on your application. You can obtain an RMLV certificate by undergoing training on an RMLV course.

Third, you need to complete the application process. Here are the series of steps that you can follow as you complete your application.

  1. Identify the kind of license or permit you need for your business or venue.
  2. Obtain approval from the government regarding the type of premise you want to open.
  3. Complete filling out the application kit, a lodge application, advertise notice.
  4. Once the government assessed the areas of statutory compliance such as company structure, probity checks on the applicant and local government approvals they will determine if there are objections.
  5. Once the objections are settled or if there are no objections regarding the application, you can proceed to the assessment of public interest. There, your application will be determined and approved. Once it is approved, you will receive your license and permit.

Make sure you complete all the paperwork, and other requirements needed. You can consult experts or lawyers to help you with this process. See to it that you comply within the provisions of the liquor law in Western Australia to be successful.

Why Keeping Your Place of Business Free of Pests Should Be a Top Priority


Businesses need to be free of pests. Al cities have a board of health which does inspections to insure that businesses are doing what they should and that there are no bugs around that could make people sick. Failing an inspection is a big issue because a letter will be posted visibly in the window with a letter grading such as F that patrons will be able to see.

The best way to keep a business pest free is to have regular exterminating services performed every few months. There are many pest control companies that provide exterminating services, Action Pest in Melbourne for example. Employees should also make sure that they do not leave food around on their desks or in break rooms as these can attract bugs such as flies, ants and cockroaches. Commercial pest control services can be done to try to make a business protected from bugs.

There are special products that a commercial pest control company uses that is toxic to bugs so that they do not want to be around any longer. The presence of bugs can offend both employees and clients so managers need to be on top of this type of potential problem.

All surfaces should be washed down daily with bleach. Floors should be mopped or vacuumed on a daily basis as well. Bugs look for water sources and places to hide. Clutter can often be appealing to them. Stray boxes, crates, pallets and other items should be removed as well.

Trash should be disposed of every day. The dumpsters or trash cans should be closed at all times so that the garbage does not get disturbed by animals. Basements are often a hub for termites as they want to eat wood. It is important to have termite inspections done annually.

It is important for businesses to be proactive with pest related issues because bugs can multiply at a fast pace.Termites can destroy a structure very quickly. The bugs damage the wood and can even make it crumble.

Termite inspections allow professionals to come on site to examine the property for any signs of termites. If there are, then the company will tent the business over the weekend to spray chemicals to get rid of the termites. This is very important to do as business often incur serious financial losses if they have structural damage to their premises.