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Working in real estate can be quite lucrative if the person involved is especially good at it and develops the right kind of clientele over the years.
It is a captive audience industry. People need houses to live in. And they are more likely to buy an existing house rather than building a new one from scratch.
The first step in starting your own real estate business is to get the idea of doing it firmly planted in your head. After that you can write down what your goals and ambitions are in terms of what you hope to accomplish. You should meet and talk to business owners about the realities of starting, owning, and running your own business.
If you are going into the real estate business you will need to educate yourself about all aspects of the business. Colleges have real estate degrees that will result in you earning a Master’s Degree or an MBA. If you don’t want to go through the multi-year process, many colleges offer non-degree real estate training programs. You take real estate courses that prepare you to pass the local or state exam that will earn you a license to be a real estate broker. The course will cover such topics as an agent’s duties to principal and third parties, pre-listing and listing practices, the various listings procedures required, basic rules and regulations, and how to work with buyers.
Once you have passed your real estate courses, and gotten the required real estate training, you need to make a assessment of the market you will be jumping into. Of course, real estate markets vary from city to city. You could reside in a town with a healthy high end market that features multi-million dollar homes, or in a town made up of entirely of blue collar and middle class homes.
You need to make an honest assessment of your local market and decide what niche your new business can carve out within the marketplace.
In general, the US Small Business Administration has set up a list of questions you should ask yourself before starting a company. They include:
* Who and what is my competition?
* What will my advantage be in the marketplace?
* Why will they buy from me?
* What’s the best way for me to reach my customers?
These are the basics of getting your real estate business off the ground. If you have a great business plan, and the right amount of tenacity, you just might succeed in a big way.

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