A Guide to Starting a Vending Machine Business in Australia





There are many important factors to consider in starting a vending machine business. The reality is that any startup business requires a great deal of study and thorough planning. Let this article help you by giving you the lowdown in starting a vending machine business.

How to Own A Vending Machine

Any person who wants to start a business in Australia must have must understand these rules. Contemplate on whether you will purchase a vending machine or opt to get a franchise from many vending machine franchises across the country. Choosing the latter option means that you will be entering into a lease agreement with the vending machine franchise company that you will be partnering with. The cost of vending machines will a predominant variable to factor in when making this decision.


Choosing Between DIY and Franchising

The cost of the vending machine is most vital in your costing and business plan. Depending on your actual funds and your past experience in business and sales, the choice between buying a vending machine or choosing a vending machine franchise would greatly affect the short-term and long-term sustainability of your business. Buying your own vending machine is usually the preferred option for a person with many years of experience in sales. On the other hand, those who are trying the business for the first time usually opt to enter into a franchising agreement. This option is easier because you already have everything structured and set-up for you. However, one must shop for a vending machine franchising company that offer the best rates in accordance with your business plan. More importantly, make sure that you completely familiarize yourself with the terms of your vending machine leasing agreement.


Finding The Perfect Spot

Much research has to be poured in your choice of location. In shortlisting locations for your vending machine, it is very vital to study the demographic of the area. Is the potential location populated by students or young professionals? Is it near fast food outlets or will it have a near-monopoly of the area as far as quick snacks and beverages are concerned? Research on these things would also yield important information on what kinds of products must be included in your vending machine. How about your space allotment? How much space will you be needing? If you need to rent a space for vending machine, make sure you understand certain norms of leasing. Once you have carefully studied your location and your target customers, the main thing is to have products in your vending machine that would greatly appeal to them. Throughout all these considerations, the safety of the vending machine must also be considered.


Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

It is vital to make sure that the machine itself is working 100%. Efficiency and ease of use are non-negotiable. However, the reality is that the vending machine offers remotely and that minor machine glitches do happen every now and then. In this manner, make sure that your machine contains a contact number or an email address for customer feedback. This is also very helpful in constantly improving the products that you offer and in making sure that customers leave your vending machine with a smile.

Vending machines for sale are truly one of the bright spots in Australia’s continually evolving business landscape. It has become part of contemporary Australia as it reflects a healthy symbiosis between entrepreneurs and happy consumers.

Great Deductions: Claiming a Private Jet as a Write-Off

Private Jet
If you operate a business, then it may be possible for you to claim a private jet as a deduction on your annual taxes. This can be a particularly useful write-off for self-employed individuals or individuals who run a business. To ensure that you can use this deduction, it is important that you use the plane in the course of business operations. You will only be able to claim a certain portion of the expenses associated with the private jet as a write-off. 

Calculating the Amount for Deductions

When you want to claim a private plane as a deduction, it is important that you accurately determine the price of the airplane and actual amount of time it is used in the course of business. The IRS scrutinizes tax returns that utilize the private plane write-off, and it is important to make sure that you are completely forthright in the information that you provide. Ideally, you should try to keep a record of the dates in which you use the private plane. The expenses associated with maintenance of the private plane should also be recorded.

Claiming Depreciation

Another benefit of using the private plane deduction is that you can claim depreciation. As the jet depreciates in value, you can claim this depreciation on your income taxes. You should gather all of the required paperwork for claiming the deduction. This includes the sales receipt for the purchase of the airplane and last year’s profit and loss statement. 

Using Form 4562

When you want to use the private plane deduction, you will also have to use Form 4562. This form can be found on the IRS website. The next step required for filling out the form is choosing the method of depreciation that is most useful for your business’s finances. These methods include Section 179 and the modified accelerated cost reduction system. If you choose Section 179, then you will only be able to claim a deduction for the year in which you purchased the airplane. If you choose the cost acceleration process, you will be able to claim depreciation over an eight-year period.

Private Security

It is also possible for CEOs to use the private plane deduction as a measure of “private security.” If the jet is used for security purposes, then the owner may owe a reduced amount of taxes. Many CEOs take advantage of the aircraft charter deduction and may be able to pay little to no taxes as a result.
When planning your taxes, it is important to consider all of the deductions available to you. The aircraft charter deduction is one example of a deduction that can significantly reduce your total tax bill.

How to Launch a Real Estate Business

real estate

real estate

Working in real estate can be quite lucrative if the person involved is especially good at it and develops the right kind of clientele over the years.
It is a captive audience industry. People need houses to live in. And they are more likely to buy an existing house rather than building a new one from scratch.
The first step in starting your own real estate business is to get the idea of doing it firmly planted in your head. After that you can write down what your goals and ambitions are in terms of what you hope to accomplish. You should meet and talk to business owners about the realities of starting, owning, and running your own business.
If you are going into the real estate business you will need to educate yourself about all aspects of the business. Colleges have real estate degrees that will result in you earning a Master’s Degree or an MBA. If you don’t want to go through the multi-year process, many colleges offer non-degree real estate training programs. You take real estate courses that prepare you to pass the local or state exam that will earn you a license to be a real estate broker. The course will cover such topics as an agent’s duties to principal and third parties, pre-listing and listing practices, the various listings procedures required, basic rules and regulations, and how to work with buyers.
Once you have passed your real estate courses, and gotten the required real estate training, you need to make a assessment of the market you will be jumping into. Of course, real estate markets vary from city to city. You could reside in a town with a healthy high end market that features multi-million dollar homes, or in a town made up of entirely of blue collar and middle class homes.
You need to make an honest assessment of your local market and decide what niche your new business can carve out within the marketplace.
In general, the US Small Business Administration has set up a list of questions you should ask yourself before starting a company. They include:
* Who and what is my competition?
* What will my advantage be in the marketplace?
* Why will they buy from me?
* What’s the best way for me to reach my customers?
These are the basics of getting your real estate business off the ground. If you have a great business plan, and the right amount of tenacity, you just might succeed in a big way.

Why You Need a Franchise Consultant

business consulting

Plenty of savvy entrepreneurs have created businesses that have simply taken off and have taken the public by storm. These are those truly great ideas and businesses that many are fascinated by as they are simply ideal. This is why some who create such great business operations start to consider expanding and many want to know how to franchise my business. This is because one who wants to expand through others will always turn to franchising as an option as it brings money to the original business owner and creator and also allows the business to expand far quicker. One can expand through opening more locations on their own and with their own money or they can opt to franchise and allow others to handle the majority of the costs and take partial ownership of the business through their own location.

Once one starts to ask how to franchise my business they will quickly find that the complexities associated with franchising require the use of a franchise consultant. This is key in making sure the process if followed properly and the franchising is a true success. The right franchise consultant can help one best determine if franchising is truly the right business move for them to make and then they can help get the process started. It is a far too complex and complicated legal structure for anyone to handle on their own and thus one needs to better understand all of those aspects before heading down the road of franchising their business.

It is a great business opportunity for those who have businesses suitable for being franchised but the proper procedures need to be adhered to in order for it to work. This is why anyone who even considers franchising their business needs to first meet and talk through the options with a franchise consultant. This will help one truly determine if it is the right move to make and if so, what are the steps to make it happen and happen in a manner that the business creator profits from the deal. Business is about making money and so too is franchising a business and thus the right professionals need to be used to make sure this happens to the best benefit of the business and owner.

Best Strategies for your Auto Transporting Business


Is your auto transporting business unable to cope with competition from newer or more established businesses? This could be as a result of the business strategies that you may be practicing and it may be time to change or upgrade better strategies. Some of the strategies that can be employed are discussed below.

Licensing of the Business.

Getting transportation licenses and motor carrier numbers from the department of transportation ensures that the business is legally registered. This may improve the customer’s view of the business as they are assured they are dealing with legal and registered business.

Employing Qualified Personnel.

  • For an auto transportation business their most important employee tends to be the drivers.
  • Other personnel employed should be trained to interact with all clients in both a friendly and professional way. This reflects well on the name of the business and therefore attracts more customers.
  • It is also good to try and retain your employees through getting them good working conditions and fair remuneration as this also reflects well on the business as a whole.

Buy the Required Insurance Premiums

The most important insurance for this business would cargo and liability insurance.

  • Cargo insurance should be obtained for each cargo to be transported as this is mandatory by law.
  • Liability insurance should be obtained to cover for such occurrences as theft or damage in transit.
  • Insurance in general ensures that customers are more assured that they will get their cars delivered regardless of any eventualities.


Advertising is one of the most vital aspects for the survival of any business. This ensures potential clients are made aware of the existence of the company and the services or products to expect from it. Advertising could take the form of the convectional forms of advertising such as newspaper and TV adverts to use of the internet to advertise. One of the most dynamic form of advertising is the use of the internet. This can take any or all the forms discussed below:

  • Creating of a business website. This can be used for both advertising, contacting the business and procuring of services from the business online.
  • Use of social media. This can be used for advertising as well as interacting with the clients. Social media can be used to get feedback as well as advertising through use of positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Acquiring of the Necessary Equipment.

Having the necessary equipment shows professionalism as one has the required equipment for the required work to be performed. This convinces the clients that their vehicles are being handled in the right way.

Being Dynamic.

Making the business dynamic ensures that the business serves a large number of clients. Dynamism entails being able to offer diverse services to meet the different auto transportation needs of different clients. Some clients may need to transport vintage cars which require to be transported in enclosed vehicles while others need transportation of newer vehicles which may be transported in an open vehicle.

The best strategy for any auto transportation business, as is for any business is that that ensure the clients are satisfied. Any strategy that satisfies the clients and results in growth of the business should be employed even if not discussed above.

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Attracting and Maintaining the Best Labour

labour hire



Human Resource experts often provide lengthy brochures with detailed advise about the interviewing process and how to perform the labour hiring process according to both government regulations and business standards. Much of this information is generic and professional in nature but is designed to help new hiring managers learn the basic rules about hiring new employees from the existing labour pool. The actual labour hire procedures are business specific and may not depend entirely on education, work history, professional references, or even a single interview. Effective hiring managers typically already have an instinct about the hiring process and can almost always choose candidates that will be successful in a specific role. They sometimes make hiring decisions based on rather unorthodox methods. You can check out AWX website to learn more.

Personal Interests

Although most candidate interviews do not include discussion personal interests or how a person spends their leisure time, these items do sometimes come up naturally in conversation. Although they cannot be used as a sole reason for labour hire, these additional tidbits of information can help hiring managers learn more about a person including their interests, habits, likes, and dislikes. All of these factor into the overall personality type of a person and people typically do well in roles that relate to other things they are passionate about. Not everyone is designed to excel in a management or customer service position, and an attentive interviewer will be able to spot nuances that could be clues about the candidate they are interviewing and whether they may be terminated in the future. if you can’t see a future in the employee, it’s best not to hire them in the first place.

Forecasting Positions

The best way a company can plan for future growth and success is by setting goals and filling open positions through labour hire practices that anticipate all business goals are going to be met sooner than projected. Filling roles with candidates who can grow with the company often means choosing labour that is either overqualified or under qualified for the advertised role. Overqualified candidates need to be encouraged and enticed to help the company grow so they do not get bored but also so they feel like they are partners with the business and will help with the free flow of ideas and implementation of innovative ideas. Under qualified candidates must be nurtured in their existing roles and gently molded into a new role as the company continues to grow and expand. Employees are loyal to a company that took a chance and gave them an opportunity to grow and be promoted into a higher position.

Getting a Coach to Breakthrough in Business

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Having a business can be a tough life when you consider all of the marketing and advertising you have to do to succeed. Without guidance or help, you could be missing out on making better choices for the business. Do you feel like you’ve reached your limit? Feel like your business needs some improvement online and you don’t know how to further your business? Getting a professional to help coach you (like the folks at EPR) is a great way to get training and see what you can do to further maximize profits.

Grab An Executive Career Consultant

When you have a career consultant providing you with guidance, they’ll help you further your brand and business and help you to successfully grow any part of your business you need help with. What is it about your business that is lacking? Do you lack better marketing? Do you lack in the customer service area? What about creating effective business plans that you can follow for bigger profits? Whatever your goals are, an executive career consultant can jump deep into your business and see what it needs to flourish again. Career consultants are really helpful on setting a plan to follow.

What Do Career Coaches Do?

They begin by asking you what your goals are and what you’re currently doing to achieve those goals. They also want to see the work you’re willing to put in so they work you at your fullest potential. Their coaching will catapult you to taking effective action for your business. Everything from encouragement to mapping out a plan is what they’ll do for you. Getting coaching is going to help you see what steps you must take for growth. If you don’t take those steps, you’ll miss out more opportunities.

Benefits of Business Coaching and Training

The main benefit is that you won’t have to go at it alone. You’re not second guessing what you’re doing. All you have to do is follow your coach to see what input he or she has given you. Coaches usually don’t know what you need unless you let them know of any place in your business you are lacking, whether that is your finances or wrong marketing tactics. They can help you see what it is you have to do for growth.

Having a business can involve a big upfront investment to get it started, but the hardest part is not knowing what you can do. A professional business trainer is going to plan out a development plan for your brand with every trick in the book for your success. All you have to do is put in the work, seek their advice every once in awhile, and you’ll grow in your business and earn more money.