A Guide to Liquor Licensing in Western Australia

Owning and operating a licensed venue that offers different types of liquor requires a certain consideration that will comply with the law of Western Australia regarding liqueurs. The legitimate owner, licensee or occupier of the venue, must send their applications to the Director of Liquor Licensing to obtain a license to distribute and serve liquor.

The Different types of Licensing in Western Australia

The liquor license in Western Australia has eleven categorical divisions due to the variation of hours permitted to trade and their manner of selling and supplying liquor to the community. A liquor license is also issued in special facilities in a specific period provided that the personnel have obtained training in RMLV course and obtained an RMLV certificate. A liquor license can be issued for a tavern, small bar, hotel, hotel restricted, casino, nightclub, liquor store, restaurant, club, club restricted and other hospitality facilities.

The process of obtaining a license

The first thing that you need to do is to consider the kind of business or venue you have so that you can apply for that specific license.

Second, you need to obtain an RMLV certificate because that will be required on your application. You can obtain an RMLV certificate by undergoing training on an RMLV course.

Third, you need to complete the application process. Here are the series of steps that you can follow as you complete your application.

Identify the kind of license or permit you need for your business or venue.
Obtain approval from the government regarding the type of premise you want to open.
Complete filling out the application kit, a lodge application, advertise notice.
Once the government assessed the areas of statutory compliance such as company structure, probity checks on the applicant and local government approvals they will determine if there are objections.
Once the objections are settled or if there are no objections regarding the application, you can proceed to the assessment of public interest. There, your application will be determined and approved. Once it is approved, you will receive your license and permit.
Make sure you complete all the paperwork, and other requirements needed. You can consult experts or lawyers to help you with this process. See to it that you comply within the provisions of the liquor law in Western Australia to be successful.

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